Clementoni Model Kit, Airplanes Helicopters, Over 20 Configurations



  • A wonderful science kit to discover the secrets of mechanics and learn about motion transmission systems through 20 technical applications with increasing levels of difficulty
  • Assemble models with levers and gears to create over 20 different types of aeroplanes and helicopters including a reconnaissance drone, a single prop seaplane, and a search and rescue helicopter
  • Use your manual skills to shape your ideas, brain power to hypothesize and experiment, and your creativity to develop brand new projects
  • Created with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Integrated Applications in mind this set promotes STEM based activities and helps in the acquisition of new skills!
  • Kit contains more than 200 interchangeable components with 2 highly detailed instructional booklets to help guide you step by step
  • Discover the mechanics of flight with this fantastic construction kit.Build 20 dynamic models of planes and helicopters and to learn about the basics of aerodynamics.

    Over 200 components with cogs and universal joints that really work, watch as these powerful agricultural machines come to life!

    The kit also comes with: propellers, gears, pulleys and universal joints. Two instruction manuals will guide you through the assembly of all the models and give you great insight about the history of flight.