DEUXPER Sandalwood Ring Craft Kit



  • COMPLETE KIT & EASY TO MAKE WITHOUT A MESS -This kit comes with everything you need to make Ring Artworks. 6 Wood File, Assorted Grit Sandpaper (120,240,400, 800, 2000,5000), Tutorial template and all crafting supplies necessary to finish ring.
  • VARIOUS AND COLORFUL MATERIALS – 4 beautiful natural high-grade Sandalwood materials with 4 Colors, (African blackwood, Zambien rosewood, Gold sandalwood, Green sandalwood). 2 Bodhi Material, It is a very hard seed with pure Yellow-white.
  • PROMOTES ARTISTIC CREATIVITY – We believe it is so important to get CREATING! Use your imagination to make your very own jewelry artwork Perfect and Unique.
  • A PROJECT WITH FINAL JEWELRY ART PRODUCT YOU CAN USE – Let your life come alive! This Sandalwood Ring Craft Kit makes the PERFECT Gift that anyone will adore!
  • FUN FOR A WIDE RANGE OF AGES -Great for DIY Lover! Boy can make a unique gift for Girl, woman for man, for friend and for yourself.
    – Sandalwood Ring Craft Project Kit is contain everything you need to start DIY a gift ring artwork. Great for craft beginner!
    – Various and Colorful Sandalwood Materials: 5 different colors, 5 different beautiful wooden textures, 5 different scent from wood material.
    – Easy to Make Without a Mess
    – Unique gift DIY for yourself or your boyfriend, girlfriend, family etc.
    – Good craft kit for pass the time, A ticket for woodcarft art.

    * Sandalwood Ring Material 4pcs(1*African blackwood, 1*Zambien rosewood, 1*Gold sandalwood, 1*Green sandalwood)
    * Bodhi Ring Material 2pcs
    * Wood File Set
    * Mini Vise
    * Ring Measuring Rod
    * Ring Measuring Circle
    * Assorted Grit Sandpaper 6 Sheet, 9 X 11 Inch (120,240,400, 800, 2000,5000)
    * Beeswax 15g
    * Buffing Block
    * Small Steel Spoon
    * Gloves
    * Ring box
    * Product Manual