CHH Egyptian Chess Set Hand Painted Ornate Themed Playing Pieces



  • Board Measures 22 inches x 22 inches
  • Play area measures 14 3/8 inches x 14 3/8 inches
  • King measures approximately 3 inches tall
  • This Deluxe Egyptian Chess Set is beautifully decorated with Scarabs and Egyptian Hieroglyphics on the squares. The corners of the storage board feature golden Sphinxes. Lift off the board to reveal the Individual Storage for each Piece. This will ensure your Chess Set stays safe and in one piece. These pieces are made of Polystone and are hand painted. Each piece also has a weight in the base, which makes this a very playable set. Polystone is a compound made up of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone, which gives the chess pieces added weight and a porcelain or ”stone-like” feel that is more durable than crushed stone, an expensive alternative. Additionally, polystone is slow to wear, making it ideal for collectors and casual players alike. King Height: approximately 3 inches. Play area measures 14 3/8 inches x 14 3/8 inches. Board Measures 22 inches x 22 inches.