SonicModell Airfoil Design AR Wing Compact Portable Fixed Wing Plane



  • [Flying Performance] Wingspan 900mm(35.43″)with high efficiency airfoil, create powerful elevating force;Black Detachable wing and wingtip, portable and easy to take for out door FPV fly;Super Stable flying performance,10km/h-80km/h flying speed
  • [Crash Resistance] Black EPP molded wing and fuselage, durable, light and flexible;Built in carbon fiber tube and spar, rigid and super crash resistance;And the extra plastic cover for fuselage protectioin from damage
  • [FPV Action] The extra camera mount, compatible with most FPV and AIO cameras among market. Racing quad’s power plant (motor / ESC / prop), swap around you electronics with no hassle! Huge equipment bay for more FPV gear and bigger battery.
  • [Easy to build] Comes with the entire power system,motor and servos. Add your radio,receiver and go fly. Plenty of room inside this one to add extras like GPS or flight controllers. Not bad for your first first fpv wing.
  • 【Note before Buying】Note: Sonicmodell AR Wing 900mm does not include transmitter, receiver, battery, charger, Vtx and cameras.
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    Sonicmodell AR Wing 900mm Wingspan EPP FPV Flywing RC Airplane PNP

    Are you new to flying wings? Are you a seasoned pilot who just needs something that is fun to fly, simple to put together, and can take a beating right out the box? The SonicModell AR Wing 900mm is your aircraft! This is the absolute best fpv plane for those just getting started with flying, or those moving from multirotor to fixed wing. It assembles in seconds and best of all, with ZERO glue required.If you like to travel with your planes, in addition to the removable wings, the Recruit’s winglets are dismantled with only 2 screws!

    This AR.Wing with a detachable main wing / wingtip structure, it’s compact size and pre-installed power system makes it very easy to assemble and portable for outdoor FPV flying, the high strength EPP material with built-in carbon fiber tube and strips makes it rigid and resistible in crash, 2pcs 9g digital servos will ensure it fly accurate and agile. You can put a lot of FPV gear and big battery inside the big fuselage for long time FPV flying too.

    • Black EPP molded wing and fuselage, plus pre-built in carbon fiber spar, durable, light and flexible.
    • Detachable wing and wingtip, portable and easy to take for out door FPV fly.
    • PNP version, prestalled motor, servo, ESC
    • Multiple bonus camera mount, compatible for all FPV HD camera in the market.
    • Easy to hand launch, super stable flying performance, 10km/h – 80km/h flying speed.
    • Wingspan 900mm with high efficiency airfoil, create powerful elevating force.
    • Exactly the same motor / ESC / prop with racing quads, exchangeable between each other.
    • “No-glue” required assembly.
    • Spacious equipment bay for more FPV gear.
    • Movable battery slot for better “CG” adjustment
    • With bump for “CG” mark under the mainwing.
    • With 2 skids for hand launch grip and landing.
    • With “NACA” Air inlet and outlet for FPV gear cooling.