Spec Cast ZJD Farmall 300 LP Gas Wide Front 1/16 Scale Die-Cast



  • Features the LP engine and LP tank on the hood, with a wide front end you can steer
  • SpecCast products can be used for play as well as becoming important collectibles
  • All die-cast have been manufactured to look and function just like their size counter parts
  • This die-cast product offers replica +14, original paint and decals and rubber tires
  • It is made out of the best quality material
  • Its maximum drawbar horsepower was rated 26.97 in tests. This model features the LP engine and LP tank on hood with a wide front end you can steer. SpecCast is a leading manufacturer of quality die-cast, Polynesian and pewter collectibles including 1:25 vehicles, 1:64 tractor-trailers, pewter belt buckles and new Polynesian lawn and garden statuary, garden rocks and stepping stones.