The World's Largest Puzzle



  • Unique Shaped pieces
  • 51,300 Pieces
  • 27 Wonders of the World
  • 28.5 FOOT by 6.25 Foot
You will never believe it until you see it!!! Kodak Premium Puzzles Presents: THE WORLDS LARGEST PUZZLE!!! This puzzle is the most amazing puzzle you will ever see!! The puzzle is made of high quality board and snaps together piece after piece. The colors and pictures are the most crisp, realistic images ever created in a puzzle! AND YES it really has 51,300 pieces and is 28.5 FOOT by 6.25 Foot. This is a must have for the puzzle lover in your life. 2000 piece puzzles got nothing on us!! What a wonderful way to bring a family together and do this amazing larger than life puzzle! Each image is in a separate bag. There are 27 bags. Each puzzle is 1900 pieces. Then they all go together to make this larger than life puzzle. So work on it a little or tackle the whole thing at once.