Tranquil Series- Garden of Delight



  • TRANQUIL SERIES-Collection of pictures which can heal and is peaceful. InGooooD jigsaw puzzle No. IG-0363.
  • IMMERSED AND RELEASED- Enjoy your time of wholeheartedly concentrate on puzzle solving. Have fun and relax.Good for family leisure time and entertainment. Best gift for your friends and family.
  • EASY TO ENJOY- This is Entry Level with letters tips on the back of every piece for easy solving.
  • POPULAR SIZES- 1000 piece wooden jigsaw puzzles measured 19.7*29.5 inches with larger pieces for easy handling.
  • FREE GUARANTEE- Every Puzzle is proudly manufactured from premium quality materials
  • This painting was originally a tapestry of William Morris, taken from the wisdom tree and tree of life

    in the Bible, with novel arrangements and exquisite patterns, which have a long-lasting effect.

    The towering trees in the secret garden are lush, the branches and leaves connect the sky,

    and the dense flowers are fragrant.

    The golden tone of the main symbolizes this rich and prosperous. A touch of dark blue gives

    the mysterious temperament of the picture, and everything grows and thrives.