Umbra Buddy Modern Chess Set Sleek Nickel Titanium Finish Pieces



  • SLEEK AND MODERN: Buddy Chess Set’s Ashwood frame has a rustic elements that both complement and contrast the product’s darker tones, with black and gray tiles and sleek Buddy figures. The product uses a simple color scheme making it very casual and easy to place amongst any style of decor.
  • FUNCTIONAL: With velvet padding lining the surface of each chess piece, the Buddy chess pieces are easily moveable. Movement is further assisted by the polished and glossy tiles which allow the pieces to glide.
  • EASILY STORED: Simply pack away and store Buddy with its strategic hidden compartment, which holds the 32 metal chess pieces. The product’s flat square shape makes the set both stackable and portable.
  • DURABLE: Buddy Chess Set uses quality materials, the frame constructed of sturdy Ashwood and the chess pieces made of cast zinc, with alternating nickel and titanium finishes to differentiate them for playing, while still preserving the monochrome scheme
  • DESIGNED BY WESLEY CHAU AND ALAN WISNIEWSKI FOR UMBRA: This Chess Set has a refined, sophisticated appearance, putting a modern Umbra twist on a traditional product
  • Looking for a slick chessboard that suits your modern tastes? Umbra has you covered with this contemporary, stylish set.Introducing Buddy Chess Set by Umbra

    Buddy Chess Set is an elegant addition to any space, able to serve as eye-catching décor when not in use. It sports polished black and charcoal tiles and cast zinc chess pieces with nickel and titanium finishes. The board’s glossy coating, in combination with the velvet lining under the individual pieces allows for optimal movement of the Buddy chess pieces.

    Compact and Storable

    Measuring 13 x 13 x 1.5 inch (33 x 33 x 3.8 cm), this chessboard is both a practical size for chess games, and able to be easily packed away for hassle-free storage. The set’s Ashwood frame has a hidden compartment to store its 32 metal chess pieces. Designed by Wesley Chau and Alan Wisniewski, the Buddy Chess Set is a part of the extensive Buddy Collection, using the same Buddy mascot in various functional houseware products.

    Order the Buddy Chess Set today for a revamped, sleek chessboard!

    About Umbra: A global product design company providing original, modern, casual, functional, and affordable design for the home.