24 Hour United Arab Emirates A380 LED Lighted Airbus Sold Out



  • The cockpit and window of this model are made according to the effect of the real machine hollow glass window, with sound-controlled LED cabin lighting, which has a strong viewing effect.
  • 1:130 ratio, body length is about 18.5 Inch(48cm), wings are about 19.9 Inch(43cm), height is about 7.7 Inch(19.5cm )(base bracket)
  • Commodity weight: The net weight of the aircraft model is about 1KG, the total weight of the package is about 1.8KG, and the whole package contains about 3KG of protective packaging.
  • Material: Made of high quality ABS resin composite material, stainless steel or aluminum material, solid wood base with detachable landing gear
  • Product Description: The model is for collections, displays, gifts for relatives and friends, and high-end gifts.
  • Instructions for use:
    1. Open the power switch on the belly of the fuselage, ON file.
    2. Clap the palm of the model or tap the fuselage, the light will illuminate, and the light will automatically go out when the light is set to 25 seconds.
    3. The model has a built-in 150mAh lithium battery. When the battery is exhausted, the Android charging head can be used to charge. When charging, the red indicator lights up. When it is full, it will go out automatically. The charging time is about one hour.