1940 P Wheat Cent Reverse Brown Coin Fifty Count XF 30-40 Grade



I only have two of the 1940 P wheat cent reverse, brown coin rolls, consisting of fifty coins left in inventory, which probably would grade as XF 30-40. I have to admit I’m not a numismatist and so I fully admit to not being an expert grader. I do tend to be a bit hard on a coin, so these could actually be a bit better than I have stated. The roll would arrive in a plastic tube, not a paper roll and I will double-check the count to make sure there are truly 50 coins in your tube.

Thinking about it, all these coins were minted in Philadelphia just before our participation in WWII, which makes them extremely historic and probably well-traveled. They might have even made the journey to Berlin or the Pacific theater and back again. Interesting to think about, isn’t it?